5 March 2015

Lite Gas distributes free LPG and Eko Gas cylinders.


Lite Gas ® -the Liquefied Petroleum Gas- (LPG) brand of Gas Terminalling and Distribution Ltd, a member of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry LPG Group (LCCI LPG Group), in partnership with the Lagos state government under the Eko Gas project, has distributed free 25 units of LPG cylinder bundle to the low income members of the Muslim Association of Nigeria, Amosun Street, Surulere, Lagos.

Each of the twenty-five beneficiaries went home with a complete set of cylinder (filled with cooking gas), the mesh, regulator and the cooker ring.

According to the CFO of Gas Terminalling, Mr Abubakar Folami, Lite Gas ®  extended the gesture to the beneficiaries and the Surulere branch of the association as part of its contribution to encourage the low income earners of the community to switch from the use of other dangerous and expensive energy sources to the much cleaner, cheaper, safer, efficient, affordable and readily available LPG (otherwise known as cooking gas), and educate them on the fact that cooking gas is not only meant for the rich, but for every member of the community irrespective of their social class.

In his words, “The World Health Organization (WHO) in its findings has said the use of fossil fuels like firewood, charcoal and kerosene are some of the causes of heart problems and cancer. So our mission here is to encourage people to switch to the use of a much cleaner fuel –that is, the LPG”.

He also mentioned the LCCI LPG group which Lite Gas ® is a member, has distributed for free, about 450 of such cylinders bundle worth over 6 million naira, and hinted the gesture is one of such several events of Corporate Social Responsibility that Lite Gas ® would be embarking on.

As part of the organization’s safety enlightenment campaign for the beneficiaries; who clearly are first-time converts to LPG usage, the Health and Safety Manager of Lite Gas ®, Mr Micheal Olajide took time to demonstrate the process to assemble the complete set of the cylinder bundle and its use to the beneficiaries. He also took them through other best safety practices for general use of LPG for cooking.

One of the beneficiaries, Mrs Salifat Alayaki, could not hold back her joy while expressing gratitude to the organization. According to her, with the complete set she received, Lite Gas ® just made switch to LPG an instantaneous thing for her, as she is ready-to-go cooking.

Another beneficiary, Mrs Risikat Lawal, claimed she was glad to join the league of “happening” women around town who cook with LPG, as she would no longer need to worry about the color of her pot –an issue she had struggled with while using her previous source of cooking fuel.

While giving his vote of thanks, the chairman of the Lagos branch of the Muslim Association of Nigeria, Alhaji T.A Tyson expressed his profound gratitude to Lite Gas ®, and made a prayer session for the organization to always go from strength to strength.