Gasterminalling lpg supply offtake

We are one of the major off takers of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, moving over 2,000MT every month.This ensures that we provide our customers with high quality LPG. Our cylinder sizes range from 6.25kg to 50kg and can be filled at any depot. Our industrial customers also get prompt delivery of requested LPG.

Gasterminalling lpg transportation

Our fleet of trucks, inclusive of bobtails & bridgers have a storage capacity ranging from 20MT – 28MT and are able to deliver to our customers nationwide. They are also readily available for 3rd party deliveries on behalf of our customers.

Gasterminalling contract filling

The gas carousel is used for filling cylinders in large groups.

Gasterminalling LPG storage

Gas Terminalling has four distribution hubs in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Ilorin and an upcoming one in Benin. Our plants have the capability of storing up to 60MT of product each.<

Gasterminalling LPG distribution

We have the capability to supply our customers with their LPG needs.

Gasterminalling Mini Gas Outlets

We also have mini gas Outlets that are available for franchise as a dealer owned, dealer operated network. This will ensure that you have a gas outlet near your neighbourhood.

We install gas tanks and other gas powered products for our clients. See video of a tank installation.<